Congress and Fair

Did you know that excellence is the absolute necessity of being on the right ship, in the right place, and in the right people in your congress organizations? Your partner in the search for the perfection must also be your companion at the same time.

We, as your companion, in the invitations, private sector and medical congresses that need to be handled with excellence and meticulousness, we guarantee that you will be qualified in our congress organizations, you will be able to judge in detail, and plan the right time.

What we do?

  • Determination of Event Location  
  • Identifying the needs of event place (Technical equipment, visual design, wrapping and placement, determination of food beverage concept, guidance and marking / branding) 
  • Accommodation Management  
  • Participant Management (Registration, informing, guidance, bulletin management, feedback management [survey applications, satisfaction analysis]) 
  • Social activity content activities 
  • Exhibition space planning, exhibition participant management and enabling the planning of abroad exhibition / fair participation 
  • Digital content management (application, web site, social media instrument) 
  • Management of printed visual material (design, application and distribution 
  • Workforce planning and management
We listen and solve.

Now it is your turn.

Tell us your requests,
let’s sign the works unforgettable together.