Corporate Travel Services

Optimum flight alternatives, option follow-ups, booking conditions, cancellations, time, name alterations...

Although it is becoming easier to fly from one place to the another like a bird, ticket-related procedures can be challenging for the passengers with limited time. In this case, it is best to leave the work to the experts, and just to enjoy the trip.

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What do we do for you?

  • In line with the set objectives, the creation of technological and systematical substructure 
  • Reservation and Option Follow-up, Price and Rules Information
  • Ticketing and Form – Invoice Follow-up
  • Constitution of special teams for the working companies
  • Special Request Form and Approval Procedures Application (Compatible with the own approval mechanism of the company)
  • Follow-up and finalization in order to enable the company to have gains from the flights of airlines, with which it made an agreement, handling of codes, and conversion of these allowances arisen from this.
  • Meeting all the personal demands and finalization of it including the payment. 
  • Provision of scheduled or chartered offer options in accordance with the request of company in group organizations. 
  • Making the announcements of breaking news and the promotions.
  • Provision of all sorts of supports as 7/24 at and after sales (alteration, return, cancellations, hourly changes, reservation suspension etc.)
  • Servicing for using the bank money / mile points, and generating the call center.
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