Traveler’s Cheque

Corporate Travel Services

If you are of the ones who like giving and receiving the gifts, it will be a pleasure to present you a nice gift from your countless vacation products options to your friends, suppliers and customers to Etstur.

It is much easier to go to the Eiffel Tower and to enjoy the sea, sand, sun in Antalya or to watch Cappadocia with flying balloons through 4 different travel cheques we offer.

What are 4 different travel checks?

  • Domestic accommodation: All domestic hotels, all domestic city hotels 
  • Domestic Travel Services: Transfer, land transportation, car rental, cultural package tours, residence accommodation International 
  • Travel and Accommodation Services: Vacation package tours, city tours, transfer, land transportation, car rental, boat tours, pilgrimage tours, Cyprus tours, transfer, land transportation and car rental, 
  • All Services: All domestic and international services
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